Thrifty bride plans incredible wedding and honeymoon for just £2,000 - and her gown was only £10 from Tesco

2 months ago
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A mother has put together her dream wedding and honeymoon for only £2,000, and even nabbed a wedding dress costing less than some takeaways.

When Charlotte Deering from Cheshire began to plan her big day, she envisioned saying 'I do' in an Alice in Wonderland themed celebration.

But the 27-year-old and her husband, Caine, 26, thought spending thousands on the big day would be 'ridiculous', and opted to put their savvy skills to work instead.

The newlyweds live a frugal lifestyle and try to be as stringent with money as possible.

The childhood sweethearts stunned guests when they managed to pull off the big day, only dishing out £2,000.

Caine and Charlotte Deerings only spent £2,000 on their entire wedding - and honeymoon. The bride revealed she only spent £10 on her dress for the big day

The stay-at-home mother set out to stay in the £2,000 budget for the entire occasion - honeymoon included.

Thanks to their noses for bargain hunting, the pair accomplished their goal and even found the Bride's wedding dress at Tesco for only £10. 

Mrs Deering said'I wanted to do it as cheaply as possible and I scoured everywhere for the best deals,'

'I love to be frugal and show people that you don't need to spend thousands to have what you like – with a little extra work, it'll come together without the huge price tag.'

The new wife, who shares her frugal tips on her Instagram, @themoneyferret, expressed how she did not believe 'one day' was worth plunging into a mountain of debt for. 

She divulged that the pair desired to enjoy the big day, in the knowledge that they had done everything they could to slash the bill.

The mother added: 'I haggled for cheaper prices, used coupons and free trials, as well as any sales, including Tesco, where I found the perfect wedding dress for £10.'

'I've been wearing it throughout summer, so it's gotten plenty of use out of it – it was important for me to buy something I could wear again.'

But despite choosing the cheaper route, the mother believes her wedding was still 'better than most'.

The childhood sweethearts (pictured left on their wedding day) believe its 'ridiculous' to spend thousands on one day. The Bride (pictured right at a younger age) did not believe one day was worth a mountain of debt

The pair managed to bag this incredible Mad Hatter cake - baked by the Bride's sister - for free

Charlotte and Caine, who decorated their venue, a local hall, themselves and hired the space for £100, ensuring costs stayed low by asking guests to pay for their own drinks.

The pair wanted to ensure nothing went to waste after the big day, and have are re-gifting centrepieces to family members for Christmas.

The major sweet treats on the big day were also absolutely free for the couple, as Ms Deering's sister baked the incredible Mad Hatter Cake for free, whilst her sister-in-law made 100 cupcakes.

The bride also managed to convince a catering company to plate up street food for 90 guests for only £760.

For those with a sweet tooth, there was a dedicated 'sweets' table decorated with sweets from B&M and shared into children's party favours packaged in jars. 

The bride also dished out £30 on frozen food so that guests has something to nibble on, on the eve of the big day. 

In lieu of a DJ, they used a Spotify premium free trial, and splashed out £30 on wedding rings from Argos. 

In an attempt to stay on theme, the couple bought jar lights, candles and fake flowers from the discount site TEMU, whilst also inspecting cashback websites to make sure they did not miss out on any savings.

The bride revealed: 'I bought some Alice in Wonderland bits from Amazon, such as teapots, which really made the whole day feel unique and brought the Mad Hatters' Tea Party to life.

'I also searched for any discount codes available while shopping around, which helped with keeping the decoration costs low.'

The cost effective couple only spent £100 on decorating and hiring the local hall for the wedding. The bride claimed those who ran the venue said it was 'the nicest wedding' they had ever held

The Bride managed to make her Disney-themed wedding bash come to life with the help of decorations purchased from Temu 

Charlotte wants absolutely nothing to go to waste with centrepieces set to be gifted to family for Christmas 

The childhood sweethearts also decided on a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to invite their guests, with the help of social media.

Charlotte revealed they created a Facebook group instead of sending out invites to guests, saving them hundreds 'on postage alone'.

Citing other advantages, the newlywed wife said: 'I was able to keep everyone up-to-date and message people easily.'

But their bid to save the pennies did not stop there, the pair also hit the jackpot when it came to purchasing their wedding wear.

Charlotte bagged a 20% off first orders discount from ASOS, so Caine's suit cost £120 in total – which he dons to work too.

The bride also scored a blinder with her accessories, buying fake nails for only 90p and shoes from Shein for £12.  

Charlotte also did her own hair and makeup with the help of handy YouTube tutorials.

She divulged that she felt 'so relaxed' not having to rush to hairdresser appointments on her wedding day. 

The mother said: 'YouTube was my best friend for all things makeup, nails, and hair – as with a bit of practice, it'll save you a fortune.

'I got up early, took my time and I wasn't worried in the slightest. I got to enjoy every second and it was quick and simple.'

Expert haggler, Charlotte, managed to also convince a catering company to plate up street food for 90 guests for £760

The frugal bride also divulged that she spent only 90p on nails for the big day. She also felt more relaxed because she did her own hair and makeup, with the help of YouTube tutorials

The married couple were also surprised when they were flooded with compliments guest and family alike.

Those who ran the venue even branded the event as 'the nicest wedding they've ever had.'

Attendees were left 'amazed' by the frugal wedding and were stunned out to find out how little the day cost the lovebirds.

The wife remarked: 'Our family and friends thought it cost us a fortune and I had so many compliments on my dress.

'People were in disbelief about how cheap it was and quite a few said it's given them inspiration for their own wedding dress.'

Attempting to keep the price tag even lower, the couple opted for a ceremony at a registry office, amounting to £150, with only their parents and daughter in attendance.

The lovebirds also had no wedding party, not even a best man, and also avoided photography costs by asking guests to take pictures. 

Charlotte's best tip is: 'If you don't ask, you don't get.'

She shared: 'It's important to ensure you're getting the best deal, but at the end of the day, anything off is a saving.'

She also recommended future brides and grooms ask for help from their guests instead of a wedding gift.  

The lovebirds opted for a simple registry office ceremony, with only their parents and daughter present, which amounted to £150

The newlyweds will soon be jetting off for their 'mini-moon' in Sand Le Mere, Yorkshire, which set them back £120.

Charlotte explained that she had always been money saving in nature, constantly scouring charity chops and discount codes to save on anything she may buy. 

She now refuses to pay full price for anything, and is always challenging herself to find the best deals and dupes.

Reflecting on the day, the bride shared:'To me, it was super satisfying making sure we saved where we could and everything was completely personal to us.

'It felt good celebrating the day and not worrying about the amount of money it had cost us.

Advising any future wedding couples, she added: 'Don't worry about pleasing people and just because it's not traditional, doesn't mean it's not special.

'It's about whatever works for you – but it was a dream come true.'

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