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Russia warns of 'fewer and fewer steps to a NUCLEAR collision' 

2 months ago
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Russia vows to 'respond' to British ammunition supplies to Ukraine, warns 'there are fewer and fewer steps to a NUCLEAR collision' and accuses US of 'undermining global stability'


By Christian Oliver

Published: 12:17 EDT, 21 March 2023 | Updated: 12:27 EDT, 21 March 2023

Russia has warned of fewer and fewer steps left before a nuclear collision between Moscow and the West, as the country warned it will respond to British ammunition supplies.  

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday that there were fewer and fewer steps left before a potential 'nuclear collision' between Russia and the West, Interfax news agency reported.

Shoigu was responding to media reports that Britain would supply Ukraine with ammunition containing depleted uranium, a move to which he said Moscow would respond, Interfax reported.

But amid ongoing talks between Russia and China at the Kremlin this week, both countries warned that there would be no winners in nuclear conflict.

A joint statement from Russia and China called on the United States to stop undermining global strategic stability.

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