Putin says he STILL wants Biden as president and doesn't blame him for calling a 'crazy S.O.B' as he flies in Russia's strategic nuclear bomber and the Kremlin threatens an attack on the US

1 month ago
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President Vladimir Putin of Russia had fun at Joe Biden's expense on Thursday, saying his 'crazy S.O.B.' comments showed why he had Moscow's backing in this year's presidential election.

He delivered his verdict on the day he taunted the West with a joyride in a modernised supersonic Tu-160M strategic nuclear bomber.

On Wednesday, Biden described the Russian leader as a 'crazy S.O.B.' during a reception with supporters in California where he said climate change was a bigger threat to humanity than even nuclear war.

Putin responded with a mocking smiles as he told state television: 'We are ready to work with any president. 

'But I believe that for us, Biden is a more preferable president for Russia, and judging by what he has just said, I am absolutely right.'

Vladimir Putin taunted the West by taking a joyride in a modernised supersonic Tu-160M strategic nuclear bomber today - as the Kremlin threatened nuclear war

A day earlier, President Joe Biden called Putin a 'crazy S.O.B.' as his administration plans fresh sanctions. Putin appeared to enjoy the comments and used them to gently mock the U.S.

The exchange comes as Biden's administration plans more sanctions after the death in a Siberian penal colony of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

At the same time, Moscow is ramping up threats of nuclear attack amid reports it is planning to put a nuclear weapon into space.

Republicans have followed the lead of Donald Trump and been muted in their criticism of Putin, while the Russian leader has said he would prefer Biden to stay in power because he is more 'predictable.'

Biden's comments initially attracted anger from Moscow and the Kremlin said Biden had debased the United States.

Putin was more playful. 

'It's not like he can say to me, "Volodya, thank you, well done, you've helped me a lot,"' Putin said. 

'You asked me which is better for us. I said it then that, and I still think I can repeat it: Biden.'

It was all part of a day designed to rile his opponents in the West, and distract from condemnation for his role in the death of Navalny.

The Tupolev Tu-160M Ilya Muromets strategic bomber is seen on the snow-covered tarmac in Kazan

Vladimir Putin speaks after flying on a modernized Tu-160M nuclear-capable strategic bomber, in Kazan, Russia

He spent 40 minutes flying in the warplane, sending a message that he had no intention of backing away from the war in Ukraine, which he invaded almost two years ago.

But by flying in a type of warplane that has been used to wreak havoc in Ukraine with conventional weapons, he was sending a message that he intends to keep fighting in Ukraine, which he invaded almost two years ago.

And the huge Tu-160M - aka White Swan - is a key part of his nuclear strike force at a time when the Kremlin is bluntly warning the West over the risk of nuclear war.

Putin was seen taking off in Kazan a day after he visited a factory in the city where the Tupolev bombers are manufactured.

He clambered up a ladder at the factory to go inside the plane and spent ten minutes in the cockpit.

He then made the decision to fly himself in one of his bombers - his first flight since he took to the sky in a Tu-160 in 2005.

The giant swing-wing plane is a substantially modernised-version of a Soviet-era bomber that the USSR would have deployed in the event of a nuclear war with the West to deliver nuclear weapons at long distances.

The TU-160M is capable of carrying 12 cruise missiles or 12 short-range nuclear missiles and can fly 7,500 miles non-stop without re-fuelling.

Biden is on the third day of a three-day fundraising trip to California. He delivered a speech on debt forgiveness in Culver City before flying to San Francisco Wednesday 

Biden made an unannounced stop at CJ's Cafe In Baldwin Hills on Wednesday before continuing to Culver City for his speech at the library

He arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon where he was greeted by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They traveled together on Marine One to a campaign reception

The electioneering stunt came less than a week after a man who wanted to oust him as president - Navalny - was 'murdered' inside his bleak Arctic jail.

Even though the March election is expected to be rigged in Putin's favour, he is currently more visible on state TV than he has been for years.

A breathless report on Putin-controlled Russian state TV said: 'We just saw that the president [Vladimir Putin] again, for the second time in two days, climbed into the cockpit of a Tu-160 strategic bomber.'

On the tarmac, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin had 'made a decision to take a flight. There will be a flight [with Putin] now.'

Putin later emerged from the Tu-160M to hail the improved aircraft - the model in which he had flown - as suitable for the Russian air force.

'The technology is excellent. It can be accepted into the Armed Forces,' he said.

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