Labour tasks Govs on governance cost, workers’ welfare 

1 week ago

By Chukwuma Umeorah 

Organised labour has charged state governors to cut the cost of governance, block avenues for corruption, create infrastructure development and improve welfare of workers in 2023. 

Labour specifically called on governors that still owe salaries to add value to the lives of their workers by making prompt payment. 

Lagos State Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Funmi Sessi, while describing year 2022 as a difficult year for workers, commended Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for prompt payment of workers’ salaries in the state. She urged other state governors to make their workers happy too by reducing the cost of governance and to block obvious channels for corruption. 

  Ahead of the general elections, Funmi urged workers to support candidates that have workers’ interest at heart. According to her, candidates that live for humanity that will bring the beauty out of the ashes Nigerians are facing now. 

 Lagos State Council Chairman of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC), Gbenga Ekundayo, hoped for a better administration and people that can take the right decision for the sake of the future. Praying that leaders for once live by example, he said the challenges in the nation affect everyone. 

“Import dependence has a direct impact on workers.  Purchasing power keeps getting eroded with the devaluation and inflation, survival has become even more difficult.  Take home that takes workers to the bus stop can even barely take them close to the bus stop now. It’s been challenging, especially with friends and families that have lost their jobs since COVID-19, who are dependent on those that have jobs,” he said. 

  According to him, “What they are doing is against God’s instructions on taking away food from people’s mouths and not paying workers their wages. We will get to that point where states that are not viable will be under states that are viable.  

  “How on earth can governors not pay workers who have worked for them. We will continue to tell them to do what is right. In as much as we continue to appeal, I hope it doesn’t get to a point that the workers in those states will need to take their destiny in their hands and deal decisively the way we do.” 

 On the removal of fuel subsidy, Ekundayo said that the government needs to work assiduously so as to ensure that the burden is not passed on to workers. “We hope for a better tomorrow and we look for a 2023 that will be better with the view that we will fight for our members and improve our lot.” 

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