Four shot as gunmen invade Enugu community

At least four people have

Jun 16, 2024 - 18:30
Four shot as gunmen invade Enugu community
At least four people have been hospitalised after they were shot in Enugu state. The gunmen attacked the Umu-Ezuboke Umualor community in the Isi-Uzo local government area of Enugu state close to midnight on Saturday night, June 15. One of the victims, Mr. Methodist Ejiagbo, who spoke from his hospital bed, said: Three months ago, some Abakaliki boys came to my house and told me that they will invade us with war, we are living in the farmlands. They said they would kill me and take over my house and land. One of them, Friday Ukeh said he would take over my house that it is the most beautiful house around. So yesterday while returning to my house I saw two Hilux vans with a Sienna bus. The occupants wore clothes like police uniforms. They collected phones and matchets from our people returning from the farm but let the young go as one said the boy was not from Umu-Ezuboke.  Then at night, at about 11 pm they came in and started shooting everybody, they shot me and I held them and they started shooting everybody, using cutlass on some people, even clubs they used to break some peoples hands. We were surprised.   "Three days ago they came with a talisman with a bag that looked like a Garri sack, we didnt know it was a bullet sack. They stationed the medicine man at Nwankwo and I informed our people but they did not go.  They came with two Hilux and one Sienna. We didnt go to their place, we are Umualor and they are Amankanu people. One of them, Samuel is an Abakaliki man who lived in Umualor, they now said that our land is Amankanu. Its a combination of Amankanu and Abakaliki people.  "Samuel Idenyi, one of them, is from Amankanu. Samuel Ede who is from Abakaliki was the one that collected phones from our people, that was in the evening, at night they now came in full force attacked and started shooting at us.  The man who shot me was Tubor, an Abakaliki man. I know all of them; the other ones are Friday Ukeh, Mark Anyigor, the other one is called stubborn, there was Roma Ekpete son, the other one is Oshimos son, they are the ones I saw, they were over 20 in number.  The Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, Daniel Ndukwe was yet to react to an inquiry from him as at the time of going to publication.The post Four shot as gunmen invade Enugu community appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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