My 15-Year-Old Sister-In-Law Makes My Life Difficult In My Own House

I won’t bother you guys much. I married my woman last year June during the lockdown.

Things were rosy for us as a young couple till we brought in a girl of 15 years from my wife’s family to stay with us in order to help my wife with house chores and other things during the time she is heavily pregnant.

Mind you, from day one I have been dating my wife, this girl has been on my neck, telling me how she will come stay with me in Lagos if I get married to her sister.

That would be my greatest undoing as I grudgingly obliged after many persuasion from her Mother as well. After my marriage, she came over to Lagos to join us.

Now, she is very useless to me. She will go to school from 7am to 5pm.

After coming back from school, she will take another excuse to go for the evening church and come back by 8pm. No help in doing house chores. COOKING, she no sabi..

My turn off about her now is that she can eat for Africa.

The little provision I manage stock at home don’t go anywhere now.

The last straw that break the camel back is that she always steals my babies food, like milk, biscuits etc.

My wife is in dicey situation because she once lived with the girl’s mother for like 15 years back then, and such can’t just pursue her away like plague.

Right now I am fighting the urge and anger to mess her up.

I have advised her on numerous occasions but it seems she can not learn easily except with hard handling. Everything bad about human traits, she has it; Lies, false swearing and the likes.

Mature Minded People In The House, If You Are In My Shoes, What Would You Do?

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