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Bolt Now In Osogbo – Good or Bad Move? (Should The Korope Drivers Be Afraid?)


In case you haven’t heard, Bolt (Taxify) has began their operation in Osogbo, Osun State….

Congratulations to all Osogbo residents, at least moving around if you don’t have a car or you don’t want to go out with your own car will now be very much easier.

Bolt is storming cities across the Federation to make movement easier and fun. Kudos to them.

Now, I really want us to touch down on 2 issues as regards Bolt working in Osogbo.

Let’s go 👇

Bolt in Osogbo, Is Bolt Going To Make Enough Money?

Yes, it’s okay to expand to cities where you are not currently operating at but you have to be careful while making your choice.

Bolt definitely must have a clear target of what they are expecting from Osogbo but can the people of Osogbo live up to their expectations? That’s the big question here.

I stayed in Osogbo for 5 years and I can tell you for free that Osogbo is really popping but Bolt is coming at this time is not a really good idea.

Going about the city is mostly done with Bikes or Korope by the vast majority of the residents. So, only a selected set of people will even notice that Bolt is in town.

Well, maybe guys will book it so it can pick up their Girlfriend at Lagos park and bring her down to their homes 🤣🤣 This is going to be the most use case – let’s bet?

Osogbo residents won’t book Bolt for their daily runnings. So, they will only use it occasionally and that’s a bad deal for Bolt.

Should The Korope Drivers Be Afraid?

I remember when Uber and Taxify started operating in Lagos, it was a piece of bad news for the yellow Lagos Taxi driver.

Uber & Taxify had better cars with AC and a flexible pricing model compared to how much those Baba driving yellow taxi will charge you even with their bad cars that does not have AC 😕😕

So, immediately Uber started operation, everyone knew it was a game over for the yellow Taxi.

With what happened in Lagos, this was what warranted me to ask if the legendary Korope drivers in Osogbo should be worried now that Bolt is now operating in the city.

Now, over to you guys 👇

What’s Your Say About Bolt Now Operating In Osogbo?

Let’s hear from your own point of view.

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