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Nigerians react to GoFundMe account for Baba Ijesha


Nigerians on social media have reacted to a GoFundMe account set up for embattled actor, Olanrenwaju Omiyinka, fondly known as Baba Ijesha, who is allegedly involved in a sexual assault case of a minor.

As the trial continues in court, some friends and fans of the thespian have resorted to creating a GoFundMe account to cover his legal fees.

The fundraiser with the target of €50,000, (over 20 million naira) titled, ‘Help Olanrewaju Omiyinka with Legal Costs’ was organised by Oladele Matti who resides in Dublin, Ireland.

However, the opening of the GoFundMe account did not go down well with many Nigerians on social media as they have taken to Facebook to vent their anger on the “misplaced priority.”

A Facebook user, Jessica Mogbo, said, “See some people supporting this act. How many sick actors or actresses have they raised funds for? Misplaced priorities.”

Olatunji Amida also said, “This is a fraudulent act and must be condemned. Oladele Matti who resides in Dublin Ireland should know the implication of the charges leveled against Baba Ijesha. I think he has ulterior motives and personal interests in the GoFundMe proceeds! This is absolutely a misplaced priority.”

According to Omowumi Esther, the fundraiser is an act of wickedness, “This just shows how bad the world has become. Celebrating a supposed pedophile? I can’t believe the wickedness, selfishness, and lawlessness. How can humans be so wicked?”

“It’s very wrong to support a man who has no manners and morals. Supporting him is like promoting having carnal relationship with children,” Christian Paschal said.

Tajudeen Buhari said, “They are always quick to raise money for any form of criminality but can’t raise money to empower the youths and unfortunately, many senseless graduates will still keep hailing their action. What a nation!”

Describing the action as “arrant nonsense,” Ogunsola Nurudeen asked, “Why not persuade those human rights lawyers for legal assistance if truly he didn’t commit the allegations leveled against him?”

“Same friends that bash the Nigerian government every day, why raise money for someone accused of sexual assault? With a child for that matter. Absolute lunacy. Gofundme should take that rubbish page down ASAP (as soon as possible), ” Lucianno Omo said.

Source: Nigerian Newspapers Online

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