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The Trump kids look likely to turn on their dad – and I suspect Ivanka will go first | Arwa Mahdawi


The former president is not in immediate danger of jail, but his problems are piling up fast. Not least the fact that, in his family, loyalty means nothing

Nothing in life is certain except death and rich people jumping through complicated hoops to avoid paying taxes. In case you needed any more convincing about the tax side of that, please see the latest travails of the Trumps.

On Thursday, the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, were charged with a “sweeping and audacious illegal payment scheme” of tax-related crimes. While that may sound juicy, it is duller (but no less devious) when you dig into the 15-count indictment. There is no smoking gun, just mounds of details about company perks, such as payment of school fees and rents that weren’t reported properly. Lots of grubby ruses that add up to massive, and possibly illegal, tax savings.

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