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The lord chancellor and park yobs agree: it’s all about how many mates you’ve got | Marina Hyde


A shared assumption unites Robert Buckland’s defence of the PM’s untruth and the shameful harassment of Chris Whitty

On Monday, the prime minister could be found gibbering at the camera on a factory visit, wearing not just a hard hat and a hi-vis jacket but also a white lab coat. Finally, he possesses all three Infinity Garments. I’m sure he’ll wield his power responsibly.

In fact, Johnson attempted to claim credit for removing Matt Hancock from his position as health secretary when news of his affair broke. “That’s right,” said the prime minister, “and that’s why when I saw the story on Friday we had a new secretary of state for health in on Saturday.” I mean … at least when Trump did this sort of thing he wasn’t dressed as three kids’ TV characters at once. What actually happened, you’ll recall, is that Johnson didn’t sack Hancock, and his official spokesman repeated a single line multiple times: that the prime minister had accepted Hancock’s apology, and considered the matter closed.

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