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I’m not living on past glory, Samklef fumes



Singer and music producer, Samuel Oguachuba, aka Samklef, has said  people who say he is living on past glory and describe him as a blogger are ‘slaves who lack enlightenment’.

He told, “Nigerians like to focus on other people’s business. I am still an artiste and producer. I started blogging because of the one-sidedness of the industry, so I created my (own news platform). I have a platform where I can speak and that is why people can listen to me now. My blog is a conscious one. I say things as they are. If you are my friend and you do something wrong, I would call you out. My blog is like the voice of Fela but in written form.

“There is nothing like past glory. There is no how you would talk about a thing without referring to its history. I did it (music) and I was successful. That is part of my story and no one can take it away. People who say I live on past glory have the minds of slaves because they are not enlightened. What they cannot build, they want to pull down.”

Samklef also maintained that he had settled his differences with Wizkid. Recall that Samklef produced most of the songs on Wizkid’s debut album, Superstar, but they later fell out, and Samklef called out the latter on social media. He said, “Wizkid and I had an issue and it was settled. He even invited me to his concert in 2017 and I was on stage with him. You won’t be with someone you’re having issues with. People only want to see the negative side of things; they don’t want to see the good aspects. Wizkid and I don’t have issues anymore.”

The entertainer also maintained that there was no use celebrating democracy in a country without freedom of speech. He said, “Are we in a democratic country? Why will I celebrate democracy when I know we are in a dictatorship and there is no freedom of speech? That is not democracy, so I won’t celebrate.”

The beat maker also stated that artistes in the country were not doing enough in terms of speaking truth to power. He said, “Nigerian artistes are not doing enough to speak for the people. They are all silent. It is either they are afraid of being picked up by the Department of State Services or they just don’t care. The same thing happened in Fela’s time. Fela was the only one speaking out, while other musicians were quiet. And because of lack of information, many people did not know what was going on. Musicians need to use their platforms and stay away from politicians for now.”

Source: Nigerian Newspapers Online

Author: Naijamerit