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Top official, ex-police commissioner forged warrant of arrest against me ― Gbagi


Top official, ex-police commissioner forged warrant of arrest against me- Gbagi

By Emma Amaize

FORMER Minister of State (Education) and prominent Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship aspirant in Delta State, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, has said a top government official and ex-police commissioner counterfeited a warrant of arrest against him (Gbagi), last year, in a calculated bid to tarnish his image and derail his governorship ambition.

Gbagi asserted in an interview with newsmen: “It is now discovered that he (official) by his own hand-forged a warrant of arrest with no name of the magistrate that signed the arrest warrant; no jurisdiction of where this warrant of arrest is coming from; and nobody swore to the affidavit of the warrant of arrest.”

“It is all forged, so it is embarrassing now that the court is asking him that this is a forged document. He forged the so-called warrant of arrest with the former commissioner of police, it is their case to answer and they would now have to tell the world who signed that warrant of arrest which magistrate, which jurisdiction of the judiciary did that.

“They are asking us now to please settle and that they have so much respect for my person and character and that this does not mean anything. It is shame that God gave you power and you could go to extent to get me arrested and continue to extend my incarceration in prison with handcuff, cameras anytime I am coming to court just to smear and dent my person.

“Whoever had attempted to dent my image, person and character that I have built over decades, God will dent his own. However, we should thank our God that in this their early game, they did not fabricate that we were sleeping with women to embarrass our person. We are happy that God has disgraced them, we are happy that Deltans are not fools.

“God exposed them, so I do not need to join issues with them for what God has already done. Suffice it to say that the issue of governorship is a non-starter which is why I have prepared myself in the 30 years knowing that we would have people like that and a lot of them are coming.

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“Some are suing me for whatever, we are responding and expecting more because I know that evil people will go to any length to do anything, but the issue of governorship, it is me, destiny and God and nothing will change

“The youths today are wiser and they can see through all of that. If am spending one, two, three hundred million to help and assist the needy, they say I took ₦5000, it is all nonsense. God actually wanted to embarrass them.

“You can see, because somebody wants to contest governorship, he looked around, everywhere, there is nothing that dents my image, he came up with this story that went viral. You know when I met him in my hotel one night, I was suspicious, unknowing to me that he was planting these people that now ended up being his own lackeys,” he added.

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