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NL LISTS!! 5 Sure Places To Get A Girlfriend As A Single Guy? (No. 4 Is 100% Sure)


If you spent the last valentine as a single guy, it’s because you’ve not been to the right places to find love.

The truth is, it’s not everyone that will find love in strange places, some of us just need to put our legs out there and go to sure places where the chances are high to get a girlfriend.

If you don’t want to die single, if you find yourself in any of the places on this list, look very well you can find the love of your life there.

Below Are 5 Sure Places To Get A Girlfriend As A Single Guy In Nigeria:-

1. Campus

There are many girls on Nigerian campuses who are single or with useless boyfriends.

If you’re a single guy with all it takes to take care of a lady, Nigerian campuses are where you can easily find the love of your life. It’s easy!

2. Public Bus

Starting a conversation with a lonely girl on a public bus is another sure way of finally getting a girlfriend.

You may not be able to start using those love lines for her in the bus but you can attempt to take her number.

Once she gives you a number you’re a step ahead.

3. Shopping Mall

Imagine entering a shopping mall and you see a pretty fine girl doing shopping, as a smart guy you can shop towards her side and start a conversation

Don’t make mistake and offer to pay for her shopping oo. Just make sure you get her number and follow up later.

4. Concerts And Events

Ladies love events and of course, they want to attend with full packaging of themselves

It’s very easy to get girls at musical concerts and events if you’re smart enough as a girl

In fact, girls you meet at music concerts or events won’t stress you as long as your own packaging is fresh too.

5. Instagram

Believe it or not, Instagram is a market place for girls

They are plenty on Instagram explore, fine girls, putting up beautiful pictures

As long as your page reflects a bit of good life and handsome photo contents, if you slide into any girl’s DM on Instagram they will sure give you attention

The End!!

Getting a girlfriend is not hard in this country if you know certain places you can go to catch babes.

As a single guy, if you find yourself in any of these places, just watch out for the environment, one stranded girl might be around waiting for you to come to get her.

Don’t dull yourself oo!!

Do You Agree With This List?

What Other Places Do You Think A Single Guy Can Get A Babe Easily?

Drop your comments

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