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Religious crisis threat: Apologise to Nigerians over attempt to undermine DSS, Group tells CAN


By Luminous Jannamike, ABUJA

A civil society group, Save Nigeria Movement (SNM), has accused the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, of inflaming passions along religious lines.

It demanded an immediate apology from the apex Christian body for attempting to undermine the Department of State Security (DSS) which had alerted Nigerians to a plot by certain forces to cause religious crises in several parts of the country.

Recall that CAN Vice Chairman (Northern region), Rev. John Hayab, had dismissed the alert by the secret police as an artificial creation aimed at causing fear and panic among people.

He also claimed the alert by the DSS was being perceived as a ploy to stop some clerics from expressing their views on the state of the nation.

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CAN advise the DSS to rather pursue, arrest, and expose those plotting to destabilize the country through the instruments of religion before sharing intelligence report with the public.

“If you truly have Security report about anyone or any group trying to instigate violence just do to them what the law says. But coming out to create panic every time is not good for the people who are already living in self-pity and have lost hope due to the high level of insecurity in the Nation,” Hayab had said.

However, in a statement issued on Wednesday in Abuja, the Save Nigeria Movement frowned, particularly, at the statement by Hayab which seemed to cast aspersions on the DSS for alerting Nigerians to the ploy by ‘some elements’ to cause religious crises in the country ahead of 2023 politics.

The statement reads in part, “CAN’s position was uncalled for, unnecessary, unfounded and most despicable as it was least expected of the apex organization representing the body of Christ.

“We can excuse individual religious leaders for holding their views, even if they do so with obvious reasons that threaten national security, but we cannot excuse same when it becomes obvious that it’s an agenda for a certain group to cause civil disorder using established platforms such as CAN. I am afraid ladies and gentlemen, this is what CAN is doing at the moment.

“The body of Christ in Nigeria has never been muzzled. If there was an urge to do that, a lot of religious leaders would not be free today.

“So, we expect that religious leaders would use their platforms to preach and promote peace rather than inflame passions and discredit security agencies.

“We enjoin CAN to immediately offer apologies to Nigerians over an attempt by its vice-chairman (North) to undermine the DSS.”

While expressing concern over the conduct of religious leaders who had allegedly been inflaming passions along religious lines with the aim of breaching the peace in the country, the group urged Nigerians to remain focused and determined to abide by the way of peace and unity at all times.

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