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Governmwnt is terrorising the public


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          A time when Thursdays were still holy, and at 8pm we took communion with the NHS.
       Not anymore. As the government and media see it, public compliance is not what it was. A lockdown very similar to that imposed in March has been in place for over a week, but the public response this time appears to be very different. Compared to the spring lockdown, many more are still going to work or are just out and about. Many more parents, claiming key-worker status, are sending their kids to schools. Many are still meeting up with those outside their households. And the revived Thursday service is about as popular now as an actual Anglican service. For those in government and beyond, for whom lockdown has become an article of faith, this won’t do. So over the past few days, there has been a concerted effort to revive the golden age of lockdowns – by deliberately and cynically trying to frighten people into compliance. Most strikingly, the government launched a Covid-awareness campaign which told people ‘to act like you’ve got the virus’. Think about that for a second. The government told every citizen to think of him or herself as an agent of viral doom. It presented every citizen as a potential threat to every other citizen – a viral war of all against all. It’s difficult to think of a message more likely to turn people against each other.
        Professor Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, fronted the campaign, stating that ‘many people are at risk of serious disease’. Indeed, his role appears mainly to involve telling people that the situation is more dire than they realise, and that people are at far greater risk than they think. Long gone is the talk of Covid as a disease that, for many, will result in mild symptoms. In place of reassurance stands a call to panic.
Dark days for American democracy
      This ramping up of fear and talking up the threat is a deliberate government strategy. This was clear from a BBC news report, which cited an unnamed Downing Street source: ‘No10 believes more needs to be done to emphasise how severe the current situation is – which is why we are getting some very stark warnings from the medical experts.’ And not just medical experts. On Friday, London mayor Sadiq Khan helpfully announced that Covid was ‘out of control’ in the capital, as he declared a ‘major incident’ – a declaration usually reserved for terror attacks or disasters like the Grenfell Tower fire. This time, the declaration served no practical purpose, however.
       It was a purely symbolic gesture designed to signal the gravity of the threat we now face.

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