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From Spelunky 2 to Star Wars: The Biggest Trends in PC Gaming Right Now


With gaming continuing to rise toward the number one spot in the entertainment industry, and more new titles constantly hitting the mainstream and captivating millions of players across the globe, digital forums, hashtags and creator content are all abuzz with the latest trends in gaming.

Each year brings its own stars – although some seem to be handling the changing tides so characteristic of the gaming world to remain firm favourites each and every year. And, now, as the dust is beginning to settle on the mania surrounding console releases from Microsoft and Sony, it seems that the PC continues to hold one of the most dynamic userbase in the world.

As we speed toward the New Year, the entertainment world as a whole is finally able to reflect on those watch lists we made back in January. Read more below to find out about what is currently trending in the world of PC gaming as we head towards the final months of 2020.

The Online Casino

We have yet to witness a single year in which the online casino does not fall at the very head of the PC gaming industry. It has been more than two decades since this hallowed genre first arrived on our screens and, since then, it has continued to rise consistently through the ranks, and to grow its following to millions across the globe.

As a result, the list of high quality, safe online casino sites continues to get longer, and fans of the games have more opportunity than ever before to find a site that piques their interest once again for the genre.


Spelunky 2

The first iteration of Spelunky may have made its way onto our PCs way back in 2008, but the excitement and anticipation generated by the announcement of a sequel due for 2020.

For anyone who has not yet played this title, don’t let the naïve graphics fool you – they are, inarguably, part of its charm. Players are taken through this plat former via randomised levels, solving puzzles and navigating tricky challenges in order to recover the missing treasure.

The game was released to high acclaim, and appeals to anyone with a lasting love of the plat former genre.

Star Wars Squadrons

Released in early October, Star Wars Squadrons proves there is still plenty more to be done with this indomitable franchise. Borrowing our favourite elements from previous games, though still utilising the latest in flight simulation knowhow, this title has stolen the hearts of PC gamers around the world in a matter of weeks.

In a manner consistent with the long list of Star Wars games, this title was released to rave reviews from discerning fans, and looks ready to go down in history as one of the most anticipated games of fall 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Although the 11th edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator was released to patient fans back in August of this year, the dust is nowhere near ready to settle on the excitement surrounding this title. Featuring unparalleled mechanics and startlingly high quality graphics, players have already invested hundreds of hours into exploring the world from the cockpit.

This year has been like any other for the gaming industry. From the developers to the players themselves, we have seen some massive strides forward – and some significant new trends that promise to lead the way into a new year of announcements, releases and developments within the world of PC gaming. Watch this space, and consider giving some of these titles a go if you’re feeling left behind by the excitement.

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