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COVID-19 even as setback, gave room for reflection — Elkay Soundz


COVID-19 gave room for reflection — Elkay Soundz

Canada-based Nigerian musician Elkay Soundz is ready to climb the music royalty ranks and has been talking ahead of his upcoming projects.

He also mentions how COVID-19 has, despite being an enormous setback, given room for some reflection, and understanding of the simple acts of living.

In a world that paused because of the direct impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic, creatives had to struggle with finding inspiration since they were in isolation.

There is this familiar, but a common old myth of artists: that they excel in isolation, that they live free or immune from society somehow. We think this unsociable distance gives them a view from the top, a better viewpoint on things. So when, for instance, forced isolation hits, we expect them to thrive.

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But that has not been the case for a couple of artists around the world. Like everyone else, they have had to experience the uncertainties that came along with the virus and the thought of creating amid so much terrible news across the world.

Elkay believes that despite the virus giving room for self-reflection, it was still a struggle and it is rather unfortunate that the world had to suffer like this.

“Everyone lost. First, my heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones, 2020 has been a tough year, one no one saw coming,” he says, “the year has stolen so much from us, loved ones, time, and even peace, it also made us understand people better, I mean, some people downplayed and continue to downplay the impact of a virus that has claimed so many lives.”

He reflects on the year and talks about how hard it was to create amid so much chaos, “It wasn’t an easy ride.”

“It is easy for everyone to believe, while in isolation we would create tons of songs. Yes, that might have been the case, but it was never as easy as you would have thought. Everyone needs to stay informed so we can’t block out the news and we all see the happenings. This year alone, we struggled with COVID-19, BLM protests across the world, and the END SARS protests in Nigeria.”

On a day-to-day level, he’s been trying to stay positive, hoping for a better today than yesterday, staying in touch with loved ones, doing the bit he can to make it easy for those he can afford even as he works on creating new songs.

“Truth is, it has been tough for everyone,” he says. “I just continue to try my best to help as many people as I can, reaching out to loved ones, we have to make sure we are all doing fine, it is easy to lose it with all that is happening, so just getting in touch with people could mean a lot.”

“Not all isolation is the same. You can only respond with choices of your own if it’s a decision made by you. So I got time to do music, a couple of songs I can’t wait to share with the world. It has been a very long and very careful method of moving through the confusion that comes with despair. In this new normal, I had to find a place to create and maintain energy to be as artistic as I knew I could be.”

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