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Don’t take welfare of military personnel for granted  ― Reps tell Burutai


Don’t take welfare of military personnel for granted  ― Reps tell Burutai

…ask Army Chief to prioritize manufacturing of local hardware

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By Levinus Nwabughiogu –  Abuja

House of Representatives warned the military high command in Nigeria against taking the welfare of its men and officers who are on the frontlines for granted.

The House also cautioned against delaying their allowances.

The Chairman, House Committee on Army, Hon. Abduralsak Namdas gave the warning to the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Yusuf Burutai when the high command appeared before the Committee to defend its 2021 budget proposals.

Also harping on the need for the Army to ensure professionalism in its operations, Namdas, who spoke shortly before the committee went into a closed-door session also reiterated the House’s commitment to the general welfare of army personnel through budgetary provisions.

He also charged the officers to prioritise local manufacturing of ammunition, commending the Army for intervening in the country’s internal security.

He said: “It is not only about appropriations, but we also want to ensure that you are professional in your duties. We will do our own job to ensure that you add value to your duties.  We are aware that the army is involved in a series of operations.

“Traditionally, your job is to defend the territorial integrity of the country.  But because of the security challenges that are before us,  you are involved in internal security.  You are there to fight Boko Haram,  banditry,  cattle rustlers, kidnapping.  All these things, you have been involved. You have more on your hands.

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“The welfare of the personnel should not be taken for granted. People cannot lay their lives for us and they are not taken care of.  We don’t want to hear stories that they are not getting their allowances.

“That is why we feel,  we will all do our own part and expect that you people should do your part. Nigerians are looking up to the army. Today in several places,  if anything happens,  all the crises we are having, people still want to see the presence of the army in certain places.

“When we went on oversight visit, we realise that there is a need for us to see that a lot of work is done in the Army. We have been to central engineering depot,  which is the hub of the Nigerian Army, where arms and ammunition are manufactured.  We like the vision.

“Rather than relying so much on the outside,  you are trying to look inward to produce something internally.

“We like the Chief of Army Staff to focus on the Central Engineering Hub.  If you look inward,  that would be better,  so that we can have what to use internally.”

Responding, Lt. Gen. Lamidi Adeosun who represented the Army Chief at the defence promised for an improved service to the country where lapses were observed.

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“On behalf of the chief of army staff, we appreciate you for a job well done, especially in the area of oversight and standing for the army whenever the need arises.

“As you continue with the oversight,  we look forward to the committee getting into all the remaining areas that are already programmed for your visit.

“All your concerns are noted.  When you get to the ground in all the places,  you will eventually visit,  you will appreciate more the enormity of challenges and the much more that is been done in all the area of intervention where fund has been released.

“What has been done and the job they have been used to do.

“I want to promise that the Nigerian Army will continue to remain professional. Wherever we observed some lapses,  we will continue to improve to serve Nigerians, serve the country the way the constitution of this country mandated us to serve”, Adeosun said.

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